Step-by-Step Guide
For Remote Lesson Packets

Welcome to the Tailor-ED step-by-step guide for creating student-guided packets! These free differentiated lesson packets and built-in exit tickets will help you easily keep you and your students on track and can be handed out in both print and digital form. 

Step 1: Create a Classroom

Create a classroom by first entering the class name, grade and subject area. Once your classroom is created you can start adding students either manually, by copying from an existing list or another Tailor-ED classroom.

Step 2: Student Pulse Check

Start off by sending a quick pulse check to your students through the Tailor-ED pre-assessment to see where they are (this 3-min assessment can be done on any device). If your students do not have access to a device you can easily use the Assign Learner Profile feature.

Step 3: Create Your First Packet

Okay, now that your classroom is ready, let’s create your first packet! Add a new lesson then choose a grade, topic area, and unit name. Now you will go through a wizard that will help you create the packet in just minutes. 

Step 4: Resources

You can find four types of resources on 
Tailor-ED: Individual Practice, Tech-Based, Group Work, and Teacher-led. When choosing resources be mindful of what device or broadband access your students have at home.

Don’t give up on group activities - they are definitely still possible (and important!) and can be completed through remote communication. Remember every activity recommended by Tailor-ED is FREE! 

Step 5: Groups

Tailor-ED easily groups your students so that they can receive tailored activities to their unique needs.  

Tip: Want less than 4 groups for your remote lesson? You can change to fewer groups and still receive tailored resources. Each student will always get their own lesson packet

Step 6: Almost there!

The packet is almost ready - make sure you’re happy with the assignment of activities. For each activity, you can also add your own student instructions and you can also edit the exit ticket for this lesson.

Step 7: Time to Share

Check out exactly how many copies you need to print of each activity and then print out the Student Checklist. And easy as that your packet is ready to go and can be handed out to each student! 


Alternatively you can share the packet digitally with your students by using the Tailor-ED Student Lesson Link allowing them to see exactly what activities they need to complete, ability to check them off, and access to a video review, early finishers activity and of course direct link to the exit ticket. Notice! All activities that you would usually print off before in class (i.e. TeachersPayTeachers) need to be downloaded and shared with your students separately so they can print at home or follow from their devices.

Step 8: Connect with your Students

Use Tailor-ED’s automatically generated exit tickets as a remote pulse check, to both understand how your students learned the material and how they are feeling for every lesson. 


Check out the Students Insights page to stay in touch with exactly where your students are every day! Your students only need a couple of minutes on a smartphone or device to fill in the exit ticket.

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