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Your complete hybrid

teaching solution

The Tailor-ED Program

A hybrid teaching program to help navigate hybrid teaching in order to reduce learning loss and increase student engagement.

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 How it Works


Making Hybrid Work

Differentiated Lesson Plans in Minutes

Create fully differentiated lesson plans for both in-school and remote classrooms in under 5 minutes

Empowering Whole Child Growth

Assessing students by 6 key learning factors. Tailor-ED Exit Tickets help uncover the social-emotional and proficiency needs of students

Small Group Instruction Made Easy

Tailor-ED’s unique grouping algorithm dynamically places students into groups based on their needs . Grouping your students by their needs enables both personalization and develops collaboration skills. 

Click to book time with Maayan Yavne, Tailor-ED CEO

Evidence of Success

Tailor-ED was found to significantly increase student Math gains in a randomized controlled efficacy study done by NYU

Click to book time with Maayan Yavne, Tailor-ED CEO

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engage every student - no matter where they are


Premium Content

 5,500 standard aligned K-8
Math/ELA curated resources

 2,500 proficiency and
SEL-based exit tickets


Hybrid Lesson Planning Software

 Differentiated lesson builder

 Smart student grouping 

 Unlimited content uploads

Training & Support

 Tailor-ED Kickoff and PD Sessions

 Access to Tailor-ED Academy -  Pedagogical Series around Differentiation and Remote Learning

 Full time teacher support