Evidence of Success

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Your Complete Differentiation Instruction Platform

The Tailor-ED Program

A teaching program to help navigate differentiation in order to reduce knowledge gaps and increase student engagement.

 How it Works


Making Differentiation Work

Differentiated Lesson Plans in Minutes

Create fully differentiated lesson plans for both in-school and remote classrooms in under 5 minutes

Empowering Whole Child Growth

Assessing students by 6 key learning factors. Tailor-ED Exit Tickets help uncover the social-emotional and proficiency needs of students

Fully Hybrid Teaching Solution

Transitioning to remote learning? Tailor-ED lets you seamlessly move your lesson from in-class to a remote environment in just one click.

Tailor-ED was found to significantly increase student Maths gains in a randomised controlled efficacy study completed by New York University.

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engage every student - no matter where they are


Premium Content

 5,500  Prep - Year 8
Maths curated resources

 2,500 proficiency and
social-emotional based assessments


Differentiated Lesson Planning Software

 Differentiated lesson builder

 Smart student grouping 

 Unlimited content uploads

Progression Tracking

 Understand student growth 

 Measure and track student progress

 Easily identify student knowledge gaps