Engage your students 

no matter where they are

Differentiated lesson plans for your remote classroom in minutes.

Easily create student packets and digital lessons to share with your students

• Free resources at your fingertips

• Quick student assessments to understand where your students really are

• All packaged in a differentiated lesson plan that is easily shared with just one click

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Create lessons in 4 easy steps

1. Choose from over 5,000 online and offline activities to incorporate in your lesson

2. Identify different learner groups in your class

3. Assign the most effective activities to each of your learner groups along with an exit ticket for each lesson

4. Export to a printed packet or share digitally with your students


Life-changing. After six years of teaching I feel that I am more successful in approaching the students and helping them progress

Efi Tamam

sam rouse 2_edited.webp

Tailor-ED has saved me so much time already, I can’t wait to see how much more time it will save me in the future!

Samantha Rouse

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I like how convenient and easy Tailor-ED makes planning and differentiating to reach all learners!

Breanne Gibson

Why Tailor-ED?

Save Time

The right resources in minutes

No more wasting hours searching online for tomorrow's lesson. You can now get the right resources for your classroom in just two clicks.

Find Engaging Activities

What do you want to teach today?

From collaborative group work to tech-based activities. Get the most effective and engaging activities that fit your students' needs.

For Any Classroom

No tech? No Problem!

Your lessons tailored to your personal classroom needs. Just choose "No technology" to create a screen-free lesson.


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